Sleepless Nights

Posted by Lynette Miller on

Alarms are set, barn clothes are close to the door, and the coffee pot is hot. It's lambing season. February and March are filled with sleepless nights due to our mama sheep (ewes) lambing. This year we have 11 ewes expected to lamb. Most of our ewes will have twins, however, we occasionally get a single or sometimes even triplets! For our family, the sheep are our pets that we "baby" just like any other pet. Therefore, when lambing season rolls around we do all we can to be there for each birth, help babies get their colostrum (first milk), and make sure they are warm and comfy inside the barn. Once the babies have bonded with their moms, we eventually turn them all out together to bounce, run, and sleep together in the pasture. Yes, I am a little low on sleep and I have consumed more coffee than normal. However, if you ask me, 3 a.m. barn checks are totally worth it especially when new life has entered into the world.

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