2020 Christmas Lavender Gift Guide

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Country Garden Farm Gift Guide 2020

With Christmas on our heels, it has me already planning out gifts for our family, as I try to support local and intentionally plan out each gift, small or big. However, we are not big gift-givers, as we really just enjoy the time spent with each other and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Maybe you can relate? If you are looking for stocking stuffers or those intentional, useful gifts, we can help you out. Below you will find our 2020 gift guide to help you get started with Country Garden Farm products. The Hard-Working Woman If you have that hard-working woman in your family(who doesn’t have one of those?), she needs our Lavender Lotion Bar or Shea Butter. Both of these are extremely hydrating with lavender essential oils, perfect for dry hands. The Laundry Lover This may not be a lavender product, but our Wool Dryer Balls are made from our sheep wool each year. We are proud to offer an eco-friendly product that every laundry-loving needs in their laundry room. Our dryer balls are 100% wool and help soften clothes, all while being environmentally friendly. TIP: Adding a drop or 2 of our Lavender Essential Oil will give your clothes and towels a light lavender scent. The Hairy Guy We have a few products that even Bill loves, and he is not a lavender-fanatic for his personal use. Our Men’s Gift Box has three of our favorite men’s products all in one. Body Soap, Beard Balm, and Beard Oil all have lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. The Master Chef We all have the one family member who loves to not only make delicious meals but try new things as well. I suggest gifting your favorite chef our Lavender Culinary Box, as it allows them to sample a little bit of everything. Lavender buds, syrup, and extract let you try the fresh taste of lavender in recipes from baking to BBQ! Lavender is a classic ingredient for meat rubs and BBQ recipes. Baking with lavender and lemon is always a hit! They can let their imagination run wild with the possibilities! If you know they will simply just love the Lavender Syrup, we have two flavors to choose from and various size bottles as well. The Person with the Most Birthdays If you struggle with getting Grandma or Great-Aunt Lucy a thoughtful, but useful gift (since they have everything they already need) – go the soap route. We have luxurious, hydrating soaps that customers nearly order in bulk. They love them so much. We have a few options to help you out: Lavender Goat Milk Soap, Unscented Oatmeal Honey Soap, or Lavender Foaming Hand Soap. Stocking Stuffers What little girl doesn’t love her own special soap? Our Heart Soap is the perfect stocking stuffer for any girl! These cute little bars of lavender soaps are individually packaged in purple organza bags. Another favorite stocking stuffer at our house is Lip Balm is a perfect tuck in that anyone can use! They are made from coconut, sweet almond and avocado oils, combined with beeswax, and vitamin E to help make a long-lasting barrier from the elements.

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