Spring has sprung

Posted by Lynette Miller on

Our valley has a lot of wind, particularly in the spring! Wind, I have discovered is really great for making our Kittitas Valley Timothy hay some of the best in the world, it dries quickly and keeps its beautiful green color. I can appreciate that, but when it stops blowing, we get busy! A couple weekends ago, it was beautiful, warm and NO WIND blowing, so we finished shearing our Rams. The ewes are sheared before lambing, in March, but the boys had to wait. The weekend we sheared the ewes was cold and wet, so the boys had their warm fleece for a few more weeks. I'm sure they didn't mind. It's always a little nerve wracking working with 300 pounds of muscle, but they were perfect gentlemen! Here are some before, during and after photos of Rex and Wilhelm. Click here to see a short video of how we shear! IMG_0335

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