Lavender Love in Syrup Form

Posted by Lynette Miller on

Hey, lavender fanatics, did you hear the news? We have added Lavender Syrup to our product and could not be more excited! Lavender Syrups add flavor to your favorite foods. Try them in drinks, salads, marinades and more. Our advice is to go with the motto less is more. Therefore, if you have not tried using our Lavender Syrup or Extract in your cooking, start with a hint of flavor and increase the amount until you reach your liking. The different flavors allow you to experiment with many flavor profiles in your cooking. Check out our recipe page here for recipes and inspiration! With the Super Bowl next weekend, it may be the perfect time to invest in a couple of Lavender Syrups and spruce up your traditional party treats. We would love to know what you think about our new Syrups and be sure to share any recipes you have too!

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