Homeschooling: A new adventure.

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Did you panic when you learned you would essentially be "homeschooling" your kids the remainder of the year? I've been there before, even though homeschooling for us was a choice. We only homeschooled Zoe from 4th grade - 8th grade, and Micah and Jenna for certain subjects while they attended public school. I remember being worried about my qualifications as a homeschool parent. I had never been a teacher and I had not spent years prepping to educate kids, let alone one of my own. I questioned whether or not it was right to homeschool her at the time. But then, the Lord graciously gave me a dream giving me such confidence. I knew that it was the right thing to do, and He had me/us in His hands. I often felt inadequate and lost, but we used a great curriculum and kept at it. She ended her high school career on the Honor Roll. The best part of our short homeschool journey was 4-H. We started our 4-H journey with Zoe when she was homeschooled. We told her she had to do something outside of the house: sports, 4-H ... something. She chose 4-H and stayed with it until graduation. From leadership activities to showing animals and learning the value of responsibility, she loved it and so did we! She said it was one of the most beneficial things she did. It made her more confident and taught her to try new things, outside of her academic activities. So, whether you are "homeschooling" your kids during COVID-19 or being a supportive friend to someone who is, we've been there. We get it and we are prayerfully cheering you and your family on during this journey. I want to leave you with a few things that give me peace and confidence during these confusing times:
  1. God is a good Father, Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and I am safe in His love, no matter what comes.
  2. Psalm 23 sums this up so beautifully.

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