2020 Christmas Lavender Gift Guide

With Christmas on our heels, it has me already planning out gifts for our family, as I try to support local and intentionally plan out each gift, small or big. However, we are not big gift-givers, as we really just enjoy the time spent with each other and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Maybe you can relate? Read More


Everyone needs it. Everyone wants it. Right now, hope is a little hard to come by on some days. I need to work harder and look closer to find it… Read More

Mask Making 101

We are making masks on the farm to help protect ourselves and loves ones during COVID-19, and gaining a few new skills while we are at it! Read More

Why Lavender?

I have always thought that lavender was such a romantic flower. It is such a calming and beautiful plant.  Over time, we have learned how many uses the flower has.… Read More