Naturally Raised in Small Numbers


Raising sheep in small numbers in our backyard is smelly on some days! Even so, sheep are among the most delightful creatures on earth. We are pleased to offer a small number of club and locker lambs each year to our greater Kittitas Valley community.

Our adventure with lambs began 10 years ago, when our daughter Zoe chose 4-H as her extracurricular activity. For the first three years, she picked up her club lambs from a breeder and raised them to maturity for sale in the fall.

After her third year, she yearned to keep some sheep of her own. We acquired a few ewes and bred them remotely for a few seasons. Then we got our own ram, and the flock grew from there.

Now, we follow a yearly routine of breeding, lambing, and offering them for sale. In October we put our rams in with our ewes, and in March we begin the intense season of lambing. Once all our lambs are safely born, we send them out to pasture with their mommas.

Come May and June, we sell some of them to the Valley’s 4-H members, and in October, just as we’re beginning to breed our ewes again, it’s time for the kill truck to come to the farm.

Our locker lambs are killed humanely on site and then transported to a nearby butcher, who prepares the wholes and halves which we sell locally. Breeding and raising sheep for the past 10 years has been a rich and rewarding experience for all of us on the farm.


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